Food Sensitivities 101 – Discover the hidden food triggers that could be making your kids sick


mail_image_preview-2It is not that unusual today for kids to fall into the Unwellness Gap™, where they’re not totally sick, but not totally well, either.

My little boy would always get a persistent runny nose & dark circles under his eyes.  Nothing too serious, but still a constant reminder that he wasn’t totally well.  

What I’ve seen time and time again in my clinic is that after removing an offending ingredient, a child is often symptom-free or dramatically improved! When I’m working with kids who have chronic issues, the first place I look is at their diet.  This is what worked for my son and hopefully it will work for you too.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce Robin Ray Green’s Food Sensitivies 101 class.

In this online class, she’ll show you how to uncover the hidden foods that could be making your children sick!  Along with her step-by-step strategy for healing food sensitivities.

You can check out the class details here: Food Sensitivities 101

mail_image_previewThe conventional view is that the food your child eats has nothing to do with their health issues.

But, the truth is that any food, especially the ones kids eat all the time, can trigger an adverse reaction in the body, create inflammation, and lead to chronic issues.

Don’t let your child continue to suffer or wait for them to outgrow the issue!

There’s no risk in detecting and eliminating trigger foods and SO MUCH to gain! You actually have the power to help your child heal from the inside out! And I’m excited to show you how!

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