Do Bed Time Stories Make Children Smarter?

Father reading story to daughter and son

Father reading story to daughter and son

Do you experience the dreaded bedtime battle?  The “I don’t want to go to bed!!”  “It’s still light outside.”  “I’m still playing”  I personally, have heard them all.  Children often do not want to go to bed despite being exhausted at the end of the day.  Going to bed means missing out on things.

But there is more than one good reason why we need to get our littlies into bed.  As well as fostering bonding and helping your child wind down, reading to your children may have a more scientific advantage.

A new research study has shown that children who are regularly read to actually activate more as well as different parts of their brain and build different networks then those who aren’t read to regularly.

In order to help bed time stories become a part of your evening routine the following steps can help.

  1. Develop a routine that works for both you and your child.  This may include dinner, bath, putting on PJ’s, teeth cleaning, stories & then goodnight kisses & cuddles.
  2. Before the bedtime routine begins it is a good idea to let them know that bedtime is coming.  Let them know “one more game”, then time for your bath etc.
  3. Avoid overstimulating activity during the 30 minutes prior to bed.  This includes tickles, wrestles, quarrels or TV .

For more information on how reading to children helps more than just their imagination, click on the following link.  Bedtime Stories for Young Brains


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